Autocheck of database

Only parishes are shown that are in the database with data

The result is displayed beneath the search criteria.
If you want to search using the same criteria in another county you simply change the name of the county (and perhaps you may want to slect a district  and/or parish)

In this way you can search through all the counties using the same search criteria.
The results for household and all fields are shown on a new tabsheet. You can still use the search form where you yourself fill out all fields

Search for individuals - advanced search

Place of residence:

District: Parish:
KIPnr: Placename:


Pos. in household:
Birth place:
Age interval: Age exact   Gender:  
Census year:
  (NB! set both fields)
Sort by:




General help

Always minimum three characters in the name field

KIPno can replace district, parish and year
Not all entries have information on gender
Replacement of Danish special characters
Truncation search/ wildcards?
You can search with full name or use wildcards:, One _  substitutes one character and a % substitutes al characters in a word. The program adds % before and after the search
Too many hits
When you are searching for a name the query is made in such a way that by searching for 'Hans' you will also get Hansen, Johansen, Hansine etc. If you want to avoid this then remember to begin or end a name with a space.
Use simple search with fewer search criteria